Car air conditioning Gold Coast

Car air conditioning gold coast

A car air conditioning system is simple. Generally speaking, it is a gas that circulates through ducts. Through a chemical process, it turns into a liquid and cools the air that passes through other ducts, before getting cold to the cabin of the car.

Thus, when the air does not reach the car fresh enough (something that, by Murphy’s Law, will occur in summer, it can only be two problems: there is no gas or the air does not arrive well).

Most commonly, there has been a loss of gas, caused by the use of the car air conditioning itself. If there are, they must be located and repaired, and that is usually more expensive.

If the car air does not arrive well, some of the elements that make up the car air conditioning system may not be working properly.

Why does car air conditioning performance vary? What faults may appear in this system?

To keep the car air conditioner ready, it will be necessary to periodically check the status of its main components, as well as the rest of the elements that participate directly or indirectly in the refrigeration circuit.

When the car air conditioning provides less cooling than usual, it is usually due to a failure in any of the elements that compound the car air conditioner, which can be mainly divided into five causes:

  • That the amount of gas or fluid that is in the circuit is not adequate, thus needing a refill.
  • That the compressor oil has been consumed in excess, so it should be refilled, or simply that being too long idle is in poor condition and must be replaced.
  • The pollen filter is dirty or clogged, so it would be necessary to replace it.
  • That the fixings of the ducts have some fissure or leak that must be repaired.
  • That there is an electrical fault that is affecting the fuses or the thermal relay of the fan.

It is also recommended to optimise the operation of the car air conditioning, always keeping the outside of the radiator and condenser completely clean.

Another recommendation is that the car air conditioner does not spend much time standing still. That is, put it into operation also during the winter so that the compressor starts. Thus the fluids will circulate through the system and blockages will be avoided.

What happens to the gas refills of the car air conditioner?

The vehicle’s air conditioning system is factory charged with a refrigerant gas that operates in a closed circuit, so in theory, this gas is not consumed nor should it leave the system. In case this happens, and it is not uncommon, it is because of a leak, so, although it is advisable to recharge the lost fluid, it is even more urgent to locate where that breakage is located, to prevent it from happening again.

Nowadays, most workshops have leak detectors with high sensitivity that will help locate the leak easily and be able to repair it, whether it is a small leak and only decreases the performance of the car air conditioning, as if it is so severe that it completely disables it.

Making proper use of this element and in general, the system is the best way to extend its useful life. If you have problems, GC Mobile Electrician fix car air conditioning in Gold Coast.