Bulls Bars For 4×4 Vehicles: What You Need To Know About It

Some think that bull bars on 4×4 vehicles are just for attraction, but actually, it is way beyond that. Just to help you realise its importance, check on the benefits of a bull bar below:

Animal collision

This is something you have to avoid and pray not to happen while you are driving. But needless to say, if this unfortunate event happens, having a bull bar installed in your car can prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of the road. Colliding with a kangaroo, other large animals, can disable your vehicle and leave you stranded. This circumstance may damage your vehicle a lot. Hence, instead of saving up from other 4×4 vehicle accessories, invest in a bull bar.


Yes, it is for your protection, particularly for off the road driving. Off the road means extremely rough roads, and has almost all kinds of hazards like sticks, ruts, and rocks. The toughness of the bull bar can help you pass these roads with ease, protection, and safety.

To improve your vehicle’s aesthetics

Yes, it does. A bull bar can give your ride a more appealing look. Gone by the days when the bull bar looks simple and plain. Now, it comes with designs, colours, and appeal that will turn your simple 4×4 vehicle to a hot, head-turner vehicle.

Now that you have the benefits of this 4×4 accessory, it is time to set the right criteria when choosing which among the many bull bars in the market to purchase.

4×4 Bull Bar Buy Guide

Sure, buying a bull bar for your 4-wheel drive can be very exciting, but buying in a rush is not something you must consider. Take your time and consider all the necessary factors to ensure that the money you will be spending is all worthwhile.

Some of the factors you can consider are:


Sure, you would like a bull bar that can turn the head of anyone it passes by. Considering not only the aesthetics but the functionality is necessary. If you are driving in a place where there are high chances of striking animals, then you have to consider bull bars that can provide maximum protection for both the passengers and the vehicles as well. If you are expecting passing by rocky terrains, choose a bull bar that can give protection to your vehicle’s cooling system and radiator.

A simple bull bar may be enough if it is only to hold different accessories.


Aluminium, plastic, and steel are three options of materials for bull bars. Steel is known to be the most powerful and toughest, but that does not mean plastic and aluminium will not provide you with the benefits that you require. Aluminium is a pricier option, yet it offers strength. This is a good option for those who are planning to carry heavyweight and want to save up gas since aluminium is lightweight.  Plastic, on the other hand, is the weakest and only perfect for urban living.

Compliance and safety

Make sure that your bull bar will work for its purpose. Hence you must choose the bull bar that weights right for your vehicle, can engage with high impacts, does not block the headlights, and won’t obstruct other safety features of the vehicle like an airbag, etc.