GPS Fleet Management Software

Essential Features And Benefits Offered By GPS Fleet Management Software

Currently, GPS is the foundation for a technology commonly known with the operators of a commercial motor vehicle in asset management. In this case, asset management entails personnel, vehicles, and equipment.
GPS Fleet Management software allows professionals in fleet management to use their assets wisely, improve productivity, and reduce the incurred costs. In addition to this, GPS fleet management software offers other benefits and features as explained below:

  1. Control fuel waste

The GPS fleet management software enhances this by:

  • Stopping wasteful and needless idling through the StandStill report tool
  • Monitoring excessive speed- which contributes a lot to consuming large amounts of fuel
  • Stopping aggressive driving, harsh braking, and jackrabbit starts using the Driver Behaviour feature
  • Curtail non-business use- which gets aided through the after-hours monitoring
  • Limitation of wasted miles, whereby the drivers are directed in unfamiliar areas by use of Google Routing
  1. Stop Speeding

The software enhances this by:

  • Controlling fuel costs, in which it eliminates wastage of fuel caused by excessive speed
  • Reducing insurance costs and risk
  • Presence of real-time alerts which makes it possible to address any bad driving habit with the shortest possible time
  • Presence of the Truck Activity Reports which allows the driver to study the speeding trends
  1. Stop Bad Driving

GPS fleet management software aids in the elimination of aggressive driving like harsh starting and stopping and speeding. This feature gets enhanced by:

  • Monitoring jackrabbit starts- which is essential in reducing fuel usage and risk
  • Stopping harsh braking and reducing repair costs
  • Comparing driving habits in different drivers and offering a reward for the best behaviour
  1. Routing

GPS fleet management software provides fast and effective dispatching. It enhances this by:

  • Finding the closest driver to a service call, customer or drop-off
  • Sending directions to the driver’s phone while in the unfamiliar areas
  • Eliminating any time wasted between stops
  • Avoiding bottlenecks and traffic by the optimisation of the travel routes
  1. Real-Time Alerts

GPS fleet management software makes the driver aware of exceptions in real-time by:

  • Monitoring idling in real-time
  • Calling the driver asking the main reason for speeding
  • Knowing immediately after the vehicle arrives at the intended location
  1. Mobile App

GPS fleet management software has a mobile app that tracks assets on the driver’s tablets, apple, and android phones. It enhances this by:

  • Verifying that vehicles are where they are required to be
  • Viewing the current status of the vehicle
  • Ensuring that the vehicles remain in a working condition by performing a quick check
  • Seeing the overview of any vehicle and its proximity to others
  1. Driver ID

Through the GPS vehicle tracking Australia, you’re in a position of:

  • Identifying the vehicle’s driver
  • Verifying the starting point and the end of the day
  • Supplementing your timesheet reporting

  1. Map Replay

With GPS fleet management software you can:

  • Follow the route that the vehicle’s driver
  • Identify the specific problem areas where vehicle delay took place
  • Use the information from the Integrated Truck Activity to review activity
  • Verify the behaviour of the driver
  1. Truck Activity Report

Using the truck activity report, you can:

  • Note any undesirable driving activity
  • Verify point activity and stops
  • Compare any vehicle side by side
  • Monitor each vehicle’s activity in a single report