Boat Storage Sydney- Tips for storing boats

A boat is a great deal of fun, especially during the holidays. The whole family can enjoy outings and a day at the sea. However, once the summer is over, you would need to make arrangements for storing your boat so that it stays sea worthy the whole time, only to be used again the next year.

The following boat storage tips can help ensure your boats stay in mint condition.

Before you put the boat for storage, take it out one last time

The main reason to do so is to ensure that everything is in proper working order. If you find a few problems, make sure you get everything repaired before you put the boat in storage. If possible, get it serviced to ensure that everything is in good condition. The next time you want to take your boat out for the summer, you can be assured that you wouldn’t have to worry about any issues.

Give the boat a thorough cleaning

Once you have used the boat to your heart’s content and don’t think you would be using it again anytime soon, make sure to give it a thorough cleaning. Remove the drain plug to get rid of all the debris stuck inside. Wash it with running water to ensure there is no blockage in the drain. Also allow all the water to be drained off properly. The boat should be completely dry when being put in storage. You don’t want the access water ruining your boat while it’s put away in storage.

Also clean the strainers and give the deck and hull a thorough cleansing. Try to remove as much gunk as you can which has accumulated through the season.

Don’t forget to purchase the mildew control bags. When placed in storage these bags would help control the mildew and ensure your boat stays in top condition.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Always remember to change the oil before putting the boat away in storage.  Since the boat is going to remain idle for a long time you don’t want the residue from the previous oil damage all the parts of the boat because it’s sitting idle.
  • Also refresh the boat’s cooling system. This would prevent the components in the boat from freezing over during the harsh winter.
  • Apply flogging oil to the engine. You don’t even need to turn on the engine. Just spray the oil onto the various parts in the engine to ensure that the engine is well oiled and ready for next use.
  • Don’t forget to grease the steering mechanism of the boat. This would ensure that all the joints are well greased and would be in working condition the next time you decide to use the boat.
  • Finally make sure to wax the boat and cover it. Waxing gives the boat a sheen and keeps it looking as good as new

Keeping all these tips from Sydney’s premier boat storage solution provider would ensure your boat stay in good condition for its next use.